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I'd rather spend my life close to the birds...

than waste it wishing I had wings.

fetch us some frosty beers and fancy outfits!
8 April 1987
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I pull stops and have the memory of an elephant.
I am a glorified mind.
Random Acts of Kindness and Beauty Enthusiast. At large.
Wish the world was a better place? I attest. We're all doing it wrong.
Long-winded talks on the beach. By moonlight. And wine is welcome to be involved.
I shave inside jokes. Smooth like baby butts.
Don't get on my bad side.
I only like other people's cats. But I really like other people's cats.
Motherhood is positively euphoric.
Love everything for the grain of salt it comes with.
Objectivity. Relativity. Black and white is non-existent. And existence? Is anything but futile.
I'm tired of being micromanaged by "my" government and it would be nice if cops would revert back to Protecting and Serving instead of Harrassing and Monopolising.
Never be seen and not heard. Unless you love that.
My honesty can inspire, uplift, flatter, shock and awe, embarrass, tear down, and destroy. Pick your poison.
I've had my cake, eaten it, want more. Of course.
Only after I've had it dangled before me, snatched away, demolished in my peripheral. Of course.
Religion is very much like shampoo and conditioner. You don't attempt to force your Suave upon me, and I, too, will keep my Herbal Essences to myself.
I kind of miss me a little. And I kind of miss you. All of you.
I dream in ~all of the senses.
Pants are for the very weak of mind, body, and soul. Never be fooled by pants. Just fucking wear them.
I'm flawless in my flaws.
My perception and perspicacity often precede me. I love surprises.
I love when strangers talk to me. Because I never talk first.
I wish on falling stars that haven't fallen. They need love and consideration, too.
Is it all about the finish line or the race?
I love making my own mistakes and I find power and peace in being able to admit when I was wrong.
Don't dream it. Be it. But remember how you got there.
I hope you'll remember me. Preferably fondly. We can always try again.
I love who I was, who I'm becoming, who I will become.

So how about you?



Home away from home...

Ya know you wanna touch it...


Excuse me while I-


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